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A Royal Calling

A Royal Calling

I turned and saw her in a cloud of white lace and my heart stumbled. Smiling, confidant, and clutching her daddy’s arm. Playing dress-up.

But, no, this wasn’t my four-year-old pretending to be a princess, or cowgirl, or race-car driver—this was the grown-up version of my daughter—ready to pledge her life and love to her beloved.

I blinked. And in that moment I realized: It mattered—all of it.

The folding of little hands, the wiping of messy chins. Steadiness during a toddler tantrum and patience in a tween-age meltdown. A firm anchor of love for the pushing-for-independence teenager. The sharing of tears over a broken heart. The giggles and out-of-control laughter.

The endless turning to God’s Word for comfort and guidance. The questions, the doubts, the heart-pouring before God—Oh, Father, am I doing this right? Will my heart survive this?

The sacrifices of time and money. The constant dying to self and begging forgiveness from a grace-showering God.

Every joy-filled, heart-breaking, storming-the-gates-of-heaven moment mattered and was part of God’s unique plan for this child and our family.

Dear parents of little ones—your days seem endless, but it will happen to you, also. He will leave for college, or she will begin her career in another city. Your heart will squeeze as you attempt to grasp how time passed in such a blur.

But know that each moment on this journey is eternal. Every cuddle, listening ear, and time of discipline, is God’s hand in the life of your child. On the difficult days—of which there are many—ask Him for the strength to view every circumstance against the backdrop of the cross. That Christ-perspective will be your anchor.

Lay your doubts, worries, and exhaustion at the feet of Jesus, because you have a royal calling—training future sons and daughters of the King.

And for all time and eternity, it matters.

By: Leigh Ann Thomas is the author of three books, including Ribbons, Lace, and Moments of Grace—Inspiration for the Mother of the Bride (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas). A columnist for, she has also written for,, and Power for Living. She is a contributing author in ten books and her work is included in two editions of Southern Writers Best Short Stories. Leigh Ann blogs at where she encourages others to keep a Jesus heart in an upside-down world.

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