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Don't forget to make some memories!

A Night Remembered for Centuries

A Night Remembered for Centuries

“This night will be remembered for centuries!” my son beamed.

It had been a delightful evening. How could ice cream sundae night spent with the family be anything but amazing?

In addition to the sweet treats, we all relished the satisfaction of jobs well done. It had been family cleaning day in our house and there were lots of cleaning projects to be done. Deep cleaning. Spring cleaning. No one’s favorite way to spend the day—at least not in our home.

Earlier in the morning, my husband and I had discussed how to motivate the kids and keep them on task with willing hearts and minimal whining. We settled on homemade ice cream sundaes as a reward to anticipate.

And anticipate we did! Everyone pitched in and did the jobs they were assigned with much less complaining than I’d expected. Even this mama found the ice cream party to be a delightful incentive.

When the eagerly awaited time finally arrived, everyone customized their sundaes with a host of toppings and we sat down to enjoy the treat. We had fun discussing our day and talking about which toppings were our favorite. Then we went to bed with full bellies and full hearts.

It’s good to have fun together.

The money spent on ice cream and sundae toppings was really an investment in our family, in teamwork and in making memories. And according to my son, our kids will never forget it.

First Timothy 6:17 says that God “richly provides us with everything to enjoy.”  Celebrating life together is one of the greatest blessings of family. The benefits are many:

  • We’re building memories

When families have fun together, both the activities and the emotions experienced create lasting memories for each family member to cherish.

  • We’re building relationships

Many of us have experienced the bonding power of walking through hard times with someone. It’s also true that having fun with a friend deepens our enjoyment of that person. Who better to share fond memories with than the people God has placed within our own walls?

  • We’re building faith

In the Old Testament, celebrations are often connected to passing on our faith to the next generation. As we enjoy life together, we have ample opportunities to reflect on God’s goodness, His faithfulness, His character. It takes some intentionality, but bringing God into our fun can help our kids understand the loving heart of a good God.

What fun things have you done as family lately? I’d love to hear! Please join the conversation by leaving a comment!

By: Meredith Mills currently resides in the South with her family of five, though she calls Northern California home. She is passionate about sharing the relentless love of God and encouraging others to walk deeply with Him. She blogs at

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