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A New Start for Family Devotions

A New Start for Family Devotions

A new year means a time to start fresh. Any week is a great time to start doing family devotions. They provide so many benefits:

  • Sharing faith
  • Bonding
  • Developing cognitive skills (reading comprehension, analytical thinking, and building vocabulary).
  • Getting to know God
  • Understanding a biblical world view

You can succeed. Just use these ABC tips:

Age appropriate: Choose materials and Bible stories that fit your children’s abilities/interests.

Be real and Be fun. Let this be a time to laugh as you share stories. Be authentic and if you don’t know the Bible well tell your children you will learn with them.

Connect the lesson to your family life. When you read the Bible passage/story chat about how the underlying truth fits today.

Don’t give up. You may need to change the length of time spent, or try other materials, but be persistent so it becomes a habit.

Encourage children with enthusiasm, so be cheerful and look at devotions as an adventure.

First do devotions. Put God first by explaining dessert or snack will only be given out after devotions. If we don’t have time for God’s Word that is sweeter than honey, we don’t have time for other sweets (Psalm 19:10).

52 Devotions for Busy Families is a great resource for doing devotions with kids from pre-k to elementary ages with lots of choices to fit your family’s needs.


















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