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Don't forget to make some memories!

Sunday Wiggles

Posted by on Aug 16, 2018 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been running late to the evening service. And we probably shouldn’t have squeezed a family of five onto an already tight pew near the back of the church. But the early summer day had been pure magic—mild, sunny, and a glorious playground for the afternoon. The girls had expressed reluctance to end their time of play and to prepare for the late worship hour. But mom and dad had insisted, and here we were. Mid-way through the sermon, I’d had enough. With an official mom-look, I dared them to fidget in their seats—again. More than once, I placed a hand on a shoulder or touched my foot to theirs. Lord, if they would just be still and quiet. A few minutes later, one daughter did get still and quiet—and nodded off, hitting her head on...

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Date Night—Celebrating Love and Marriage

Posted by on Jul 17, 2018 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

“I want to go with you!” Our three-year-old latched on to my husband’s leg and turned her pretty blue-green gaze his way. My sweetheart lifted our daughter to his eye level and gave her a kiss. He spoke with a blend of love and firmness, “Tomorrow is Saturday and we’ll have plenty of time to play. But tonight, I have a date with my bride.” After multiple hugs all around, our youngest joined her siblings and the sitter while my husband and I slipped out for the much-anticipated evening. Time alone as a married couple has myriad benefits. We are able to focus on each other without constant interruptions, we grow closer as we enjoy shared interests, and we are prioritizing our relationship and investing in our marriage. But date night perks don’t stop there. The example we provide...

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Through Little Eyes

Posted by on Jun 18, 2018 in Blog, Bonus Days | 2 comments

Before our children entered the scoot-around, get-into-everything stage, I would crawl around on all fours in order to childproof our home. It was a great way to gain perspective into their little worlds and to see things on their level. But as the girls grew, I realized that babyhood isn’t the only time to look through a child’s eyes. Sometimes, moms are so busy training, instructing, and sharing our bits of wisdom, we forget that our children have a lot to teach us—if we’ll take the time to learn. Their fresh, innocent way of viewing the world reminds us to enjoy the little moments. And what seems ordinary to us becomes spectacular from a child’s perspective. On a family trip to the county fair, my husband and I pointed to the flashy sights around us, but our almost two-year-old...

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A Daily Dose of Grace

Posted by on May 30, 2018 in Blog, Bonus Days | 2 comments

The day began as usual. Scrambled eggs waited egg-spectantly to be swept from under the high chair and I’d successfully refereed two or three sibling skirmishes. I pulled one child from the window sill—no big deal. I was beginning to think she was equal parts feline and monkey, the way she could balance on a two-inch ledge like that. Quite impressive. As I was enjoying thirty seconds of peaceful bliss, a scream shot through the house followed by shrill cries for help. As I raced in slow-motion toward the girls’ rooms, I knew I would round the corner and face blood and broken bones. I didn’t doubt for a moment that my children could pull off a broken bone in their own rooms. Entering a bedroom, an alarming but somewhat comical sight greeted me. My toddler had crawled on...

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I’m Sorry

Posted by on Apr 3, 2018 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

The sharp sound reverberated through my aching head—a dropped toy, dropped repeatedly on bare floors. I turned, and in one unthinking moment, brought tears to tiny blue-green eyes. A soft voice and trembling lips attempted to penetrate my heart. “I’m sorry, Mama.” More angry words rose inside me. I was tired. I’d had a long day. The aspirin I had taken earlier wasn’t working. I was overworked and underappreciated. How much was one beleaguered mom supposed to take? But as my frustrated gaze met hers, any defense of my thoughtlessness died on my lips. The Lord revealed to my heart that I could not excuse my cutting words to this little one He had entrusted to me. I pulled her into my arms—this beautiful, trusting, fragile gift from God. “No, honey, I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” She snuggled...

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