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7 Ways to Celebrate National Smile Month

7 Ways to Celebrate National Smile Month

June is national smile month. I know, I know—it refers to oral health, and that’s all good. But why not give this theme a fun twist for your family? Why not declare “Smiles” as the hot topic in your home this month?

Here are seven suggestions:

  • Discover fascinating facts about smiles. Older kids can have fun researching and sharing trivia such as…the average child smiles approximately 400 times per day, but grown-ups smile only about 20 times per day. Babies are born with the ability to smile. And there are 19 different types of smiles.
  • Enjoy an art project. Have each child draw an animal, fish, or bug with a big, toothy grin. Or tell them to draw a picture of someone or something that makes them feel happy.
  • Ask the kids to tell one joke per day. Be prepared—some will truly be funny, but others won’t make sense to anyone except the jokester himself. Give him a big smile anyway.
  • Stimulate conversation with questions such as, “Name three things that make you smile,” and “How does it make you feel when _____________ smiles at you?” Fill in the blank with options such as Grandma, your teacher, Mommy, your best friend.
  • Teach your children to be more aware of and to serve other people by asking, “How can we bring a smile to someone’s face?” That “someone” might be an elderly neighbor, your child’s athletic coach or music teacher, your pastor, or even a grocery store clerk.
  • Cook pancakes shaped like a smile.
  • Take a silly family picture. Want added pizzazz? Buy goofy fake teeth at a discount store and wear them as props.

Scientific research says that smiling is good for our overall well-being. When we smile, our facial muscles contract. This movement sends a message to the brain, and the brain responds by releasing endorphins. These hormones reduce stress levels and make us feel happy.

So go ahead—see how many smiles you and your family can generate this month. And be happy.

By: Grace Fox is a popular international speaker, global worker, and the author of eight books including Tuck-Me-In Talks With Your Little Ones: Creating Happy Bedtime Memories She’s the mother of three married children and grandma to six precious kiddos. Visit to learn more about her books and resources. You can also subscribe to her newsletter and devotional blogs there.

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