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Praying for My Child’s School

Posted by on Sep 17, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, A Mother's Prayers, Blog | 0 comments

Children and school just seem to go together. Although, school looks very different today than when I was a child. Sometimes it’s held online, or at home, or through a co-op. But however it takes place, it’s an integral part of being a kid. And it’s something we need to bathe in prayer. Many of our ideas about ourselves and others grow out of the experiences we have in school. Sometimes these are positive and affirming, other times . . . well . . . not so much. As parents, those are scary thoughts. But there is one thing we must remember and hang onto. God uses both the good and the bad to bless our children and grow them into the men and women He has designed them to be. While this fall is still young, this is my prayer for the school year: Dear Lord, my child’s learning life is such a huge undertaking. I can’t be everywhere at once, and I’m overwhelmed by what could happen when I’m not around. And if I’m perfectly honest, I’m worried about how my part in his education could affect him negatively. You made me his parent—even knowing the mistakes I’ve made and will make. But don’t let them ruin his life. Keep me from...

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Study in Style

Posted by on Sep 13, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Family Do-votions | 0 comments

  God made you special, including the way you learn best. Read Psalm 139 about how he created you in your mother’s womb. Part of you being special is the way you learn. You are wired to learn best in one of six ways, called learning styles. You can even consider these learning styles as you choose a Bible.  Check them out to find your style and try the ideas that will help you learn best. Auditory (learns by hearing or while listening to music) Read aloud. Listen to a classmate talk about the lesson. Listen to music that matches mood of the passage. Visual (learns by sight and reading or studying charts) Read and then doodle as you reflect or draw the lesson. Close your eyes and picture the passage. Use maps and charts to check out locations and charts to visualize facts. Tactile (learns by hands-on activities/touch, including writing notes) Write out your thoughts. If possible, touch objects similar to ones described in the passage. Draw the scenes described. Energetic/ kinesthetic (learns with movement and interaction) Act out the passage. Study while walking with a friend. Read then exercise while reflecting on the words. Deep Thinker or Analytical (learns by analyzing and thinking through things) Ask questions then search for the answers....

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Cutting Your Husband’s Food and Other Friendly Tasks

Posted by on Sep 11, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Inspiration for the Journey | 2 comments

So, I cut his roast chicken. Into little square edibles. When I looked up, he wore a puzzled expression, a little worried but seriously amused. I drew my eyes back down to where mangled bits of poultry lay in a pile on my husband’s plate. “Hmmm,” he commented. “Maybe you need a day off.” It’s crazy the things you don’t anticipate when you begin a family. All the forewarned preparation in the world can’t compensate for being a 24/7...

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Parenting the Virtuous Instead of the Viral

Posted by on Sep 10, 2019 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

I recently took a walk in a local park that hosts various sporting events. As I came across the outdoor space designed for inline skates, I saw a huge sign and large crowd. The sign announced a meeting for families interested in signing up their children for an inline hockey league. The crowd of parents and children that swelled around the sign was large and deeply engaged in the organizer’s presentation. The faces in the crowd displayed eagerness, excitement,...

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Your Foot’s in My Space!

Posted by on Sep 6, 2019 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, From the Heart | 0 comments

“Your foot’s in my space!” “Your booster seat keeps leaning on me!” “Where is that travel pillow I need to fall asleep?” Words of frustration echoed from the backseat of our five-passenger rental car. We’d barely begun our 7500-mile, cross-country road trip. Already, the troops were getting restless. My own anger began to build as I listened to their complaints. How would we survive the four-week adventure which yesterday we’d been so excited to begin? Would our trip of...

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I Might Be a Little Bit Scared

Posted by on Aug 28, 2019 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, That Mom Life | 0 comments

“Um…can we just eat ice cream by ourselves?” Concern etched soft lines in my son’s forehead as he processed our conversation. Our family was gathered around the dinner table, and somewhere between flying sweet potatoes and a rousing retelling of the most recent Paw Patrol episode, we’d landed on the topic of inviting our neighbors over for ice cream. The introvert in me totally agreed with my 4-year-old. “But treats like ice cream are more fun when you can...

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The Source of Our Value and Worth

Posted by on Aug 26, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, No Greater Joy | 0 comments

We’ve all been there. Our young daughter is heartbroken because someone at school called her a hurtful name. Or our sports-breathing son didn’t make the basketball team. Maybe someone laughed at our middle-schooler’s choice of clothing or our high schooler received a rejection letter from the college of their dreams. Each day, our children face times of intense struggle over their sense of value and self-worth. From the kindergarten days through adulthood they are hit with countless ideas and...

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