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When Patience Isn’t Enough

When Patience Isn’t Enough


“Mom, she said these shoes aren’t mine!”

“Mom, the dog has a toy!”

“Mom, he’s touching me!”

This is the chorus of my home and surely I’m not alone. The “mom melodies” as I’ve dubbed them get louder and stronger the more time we spend together. Therefore, during the summer, amidst the bird and bug sounds, there are also the not-so-melodious sounds of my children fighting. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and sometimes, patience just isn’t enough.

You know those days—the days where you feel yourself reaching the end of your rope before 10:00am. The days that your jaw hurts from clenching and tears are pooled in your eyes before breakfast is off the table. We’ve all had them. We’ll all have them again.

So, what do we do when patience isn’t enough? Some days we need more than patience; we need Godly intervention. When we seek Him, our buckets are refilled, brimming with the necessities to tackle the day with success. I like to start my day with time in His word and this looks a bit differently each day.

As we are all well aware, children are unpredictable, and if I have thirty minutes to myself this morning, it’s more than likely I will not have nearly that much time tomorrow. Regardless of how it presents itself, I find myself more centered and controlled when I start my day with Him. Honestly, there are some days that the most I get out is a whispered prayer of, “Dear God, please help me control the masses today” before I’m pulled in several different directions. If that is all you are capable of as your day begins, that’s okay. He hears your cries and He will walk the chaos of the day with you.

When patience isn’t enough, we can find comfort in God’s Word and promises. Psalm 46:1 reminds us that God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Sometimes we disregard the struggle of our day as insignificant to Him, but that’s not the case. His word does not say He will be our refuge and strength in only life or death situations. It says He is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Ever present. When patience isn’t enough, He desires us to seek him. He wants to exhibit His ever present help.

As parents, we strive for perfection far more than we allow ourselves grace. Thankfully, God’s grace covers us even when we forget to ask. Thankfully, God’s help is ever present even when we forget to look. Thankfully, when patience isn’t enough, He still is!

By: Angela Jamison is a mother of four children very close in age. She experiences days when patience isn’t enough far more often than she cares to admit and strives to encourage parents with the knowledge that even on the hardest of days, they are not alone. When she is not with her own family, she spends her days in a Christian preschool watching little ones learn about the love of our Lord. For more information on Angela, visit her blog at

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