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What’s in Your Back Pocket?

What’s in Your Back Pocket?

As a means of outreach, our church often hosts events to bring Jesus into our community. On one such occasion, we hired a popular Christian band, sent up chairs in our parking lot, and invited the entire community to join us.

Our family packed the car with lawn chairs in case they were needed and headed out the door. The last in line, I noticed drumsticks sticking out of my 10-year-old son’s pocket. “Son, why don’t you leave your drumsticks at home? You might drop one and lose it or they could poke someone as you walked by. Can’t they just stay at home?”

Our son was an avid drummer and constantly drummed with his fingers, his sticks, a pencil, or anything that was nearby.

“Mom,” he said very seriously, “what if the drummer gets sick? I would be glad to help the band out.”

Well, quite frankly that thought had never entered my mind. But, my son definitely brought new meaning to the Boy Scout motto—Be Prepared!

That made me think. My son is preparing himself to take over for an award-winning drummer. What do I need to do to help prepare for even greater things in life?

The best preparation we can give our children is to help them hide God’s Word in their hearts and minds so it is always with them. Take advantage of every opportunity for helping your child memorize Scripture.

  1. Tape verses to the bathroom mirror and encourage your child to read each verse ten times while brushing. (This will also lengthen brushing time and be great for the teeth!)
  2. Put a verse in his or her lunchbox.
  3. Make up a tune to go with each verse and sing them on the way to school.
  4. Make a puzzle out of Bible verses. You can cut whole words apart and let them put them in the correct order or write the verse on a sheet of paper and cut it into random shapes and sizes.
  5. Say a verse with them every time you stop at a stoplight.
  6. Put pencil and paper near the refrigerator. You put the first word up, your child the second word, you the third, child #2 the fourth, etc. Put the reference up so the child can look it up if he or she forgets.
  7. Look for ways to apply the weekly verse in your lives. Point out how relevant God’s Word is today.

Next time you head out the door, check what’s in your back pocket. Whatever it is, make sure you also have a pocket and heart full of God’s Word.

Linda Gilden is a freelance writer and editor who hopes her children and grandchildren always have a back pocket full of God’s Word.

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