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Snow Fun

Snow Fun

White fluffy snow is a sign of winter. The Bible also talks about snow. It tells us that God sends the snow and even keeps storehouses of snow (Job 37:6, 38:22 and Psalm 147:16).

Jesus’ face and clothes glowed white as snow (Matthew 28:3 and Revelation 1:14). A mother who buys or makes warm clothing for her children does not fear snow (Proverbs 31: 21).

And best of all, the Bible tells us that no matter how bad a sin, God will clean us and make us white as snow (Isaiah 1:18 and Psalm 51: 7)

Each snowflake is unique if you study them under a microscope. You are unique too! Have fun in the snow:

¨     Make snow angels.

¨     Enjoy a snow treat by pouring maple syrup over clean snow and eating it.

¨     Make a snow fort.

¨     Build a snowman or snowwoman.

¨     Have a friendly snowball fight (no ice balls).

¨     Make paper snowflakes. Fold a circle of paper a few times and then cut out little circles and diamonds and cut the edges into shapes. You can even punch holes! Open it out. Add your photo in the center as a reminder that God made you special!

¨     Take photos of you and your family in the snow.  Add it to your scrapbook with the verse from Isaiah 1:18 and a note about how God forgives you.

If you don’t have snow, make a little artificial snow.

¨     Buy a few disposable diapers and take the filling out of it. Add water and you’ll have snow! Feel it. Make a mini-snowman.

¨     Make a whipped snowman. Use whipped cream and form a snowman on a plate.

¨     Cut a snowflake from paper. It always has 6 points.

¨     Read about Snowflake Bentley, the first person to photograph individual snowflakes.

By: Karen Whiting ( is the author of twenty-two books. Her latest ones are on parenting (Raising a Young Modern Day Princess) and family activities (Christmas is Coming, Waiting is Hard).

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