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Philip and the Ethiopian Object Storytelling & Crossword Puzzle

Philip and the Ethiopian Object Storytelling & Crossword Puzzle

(based on Acts 8:25-40)

Supplies: Large bag or basket with the following items:

  1. Angel
  2. Road map
  3. Crown and coins
  4. Toy wagon
  5. Paper Dove
  6. Running shoe/sneaker
  7. Small Bible
  8. Toy sheet
  9. Cross
  10. Heart
  11. Water
  12. Party Hat (write rejoice on hat)

Philip was an early believer in the church. Using these objects will help tell what happened with Philip and the Ethiopian. Explain that for every story part, there’s an object to hold up. Enjoy this and then make up your own Bible story object lessons.

The early church chose Philip to be a deacon. After that Philip’s life took off in new directions. Philip became a great preacher, amazing even his friend, Simon, with signs and miracles that took place wherever Philip went. Many people listened to Philip and believed in Jesus.

Wow! Now it was Philip’s turn to be amazed. Philip and Simon were traveling towards Jerusalem when a visitor arrived out of nowhere. Guess who? (Take out #1-angel and give them time to guess) This angel of the Lord told Philip that God had a new plan for him.

What could that have been? (#2-Road map) The angel told Philip to change directions and walk South on a desert road. The angel didn’t tell Philip how far to walk or why.

What would you do?

Yeah! Philip obeyed and started walking south. As Philip walked along he saw an important man, an Ethiopian. His job made him important. Who did he work for and what was his job? (#3 Crown & coins, pantomime counting the coins) This man, an Ethiopian, was in charge of the queen’s money!

The Ethiopian man was sitting. Do you know where? (#4-Wagon or wheel) The vehicle is called a chariot. The Ethiopian sat reading when Philip heard a voice. Whose voice? (#5-Dove)

The Spirit spoke to Philip, telling him to go near the chariot. What did Philip do?(#6-shoe) He ran. Wow! He obeyed right away. He saw the Ethiopian’s book. It was a ________ (#7- Bible). (Let everyone answer!)

Philip listened to the man read and then asked, “Do you understand what you’re reading?”

What do you think he was reading from God’s word? (#8 sheep). What are some passages about sheep in the Bible?  (Talk about some and then read Acts 8:32-33.)

The Ethiopian said to Philip, “No, I don’t understand. I have no one to explain the words to me. Help me.”

Philip jumped into the chariot. He told the Ethiopian about Jesus. What do you think Philip told him? (#9 #10 cross and heart)

After listening to the Good News, the Ethiopian noticed something near the road. What did he see? (#11 water) The Ethiopian said, “Look, here’s some water. Why shouldn’t I be baptized?”

And that’s what they did. They stopped and splash! Philip baptized the Ethiopian. Immediately after, ZAP! the Spirit (hold up dove) took Philip away.

How do you think the Ethiopian’felt? (#12- party hat) He went on his way rejoicing. Hallelujah!

He didn’t need Philip anymore. Why? (Hold up #s 9 & 10 again) He rejoiced not because Philip left but because of the Good News of Jesus.

What an amazing day! One that Philip never forgot.

By: Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former TV host, and author of twenty-three books. She spent part of the spring speaking in China. Her newest book is filled with more of her family fun activities and chat prompts: 52 Devotions for Busy Families.

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