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Peace at Home

Peace at Home

Let us do all we can to live in peace. And let us work hard to build each other up. ~Romans 14:19

Like a quiet day by a calm body of water, peace brings up lovely images and harmony. Sometimes we can only hope for inner peace that God gives while we nurture the Fruit of the Spirit in our children (that includes peace). Peace flows from a heart that is happy and full of love.


Promote Peace

Follow a peace acrostic to have the best attitude toward harmony

Praise each person’s positive actions and effort

Eagerly open your ears and listen

Accept individuals as God made them

Consider needs of others before your own

Entreat God in prayer for solutions

Respect encourages peace

Peace also comes when a person feels, accepted, respected, and valued.

Show respect:

  • Listen with your eyes and heart
  • Use polite words
  • Invest time in being with the individual
  • Affirm the person’s feelings
  • Forgive others when you are hurt. Forgiveness is the key to peace.

Peace also means following rules to live in harmony

Set rules with consequences and enforce them. Reward a child for following new rules. Chat about rules broken when people are calm and discuss problems. Ask the offender what will help him or her improve and obey.

Peace plexers

Word puzzles, called plexers, are a group of letters arranged to give a coded meaning. For example, the plexer below means “I understand.”



Solve these plexers about what helps bring peace.

1.   Upeace                                                2. Give, Give, Give, Give


It’s not good to whine or complain, and these jokes might help you remember it’s better to laugh.

Q. What do you call a complaining lawn? a. Crab grass.

Q. What was the taxi driver’s problem?
a. He was always driving away his customers.

Q. What lives in a hive and always complains? a. Grumble bees.

Q. Which animal complains the most? a. The whine-oceros.

Plexer answers:

1) Peace begins with you.

2) Forgive

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