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Power in a Plastic Egg

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Prayers and Promises | 0 comments

Break open your words, let light shine out… Psalm 119:130 MSG Just as many will hide Easter eggs for children this year, the Bible speaks of hiding God’s Word in our hearts (Ps. 119:11). So this year I’m sending my children and spiritual children on a treasure hunt—treasure that will change their lives, and as it is properly applied, will change the lives of countless others. Want to join me? You’ll need a Bible, plastic eggs, small candies, colorful...

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Death, Where is Your Sting?

Posted by on Apr 13, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 2 comments

We had reached the Bible story portion of my two-year-old’s bedtime routine. An evening of freedom for me was mere minutes away, yet I sat next to Benjamin frozen, unable to put two words together, trying to will away the painful and inevitable knot that always grows in my throat whenever I attempt to hold back tears. Less than 24 hours earlier, my granddaddy had passed away. As I sat next to my son in silence, I felt overwhelmed...

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Crispy Rice Easter Treats

Posted by on Apr 12, 2017 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Celebrate the Family Table | 0 comments

Spring is here and all the changes that come with it. We see all the bright, new colors, hear the sounds of birds singing, and feel the warmth of the sun. After the winter, it is such a welcomed change! With the arrival of spring, comes Easter and the celebration of our risen Lord. Easter brings special activities and services in our churches. We also have Easter Egg Hunts for the children in our communities and usually following the...

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Keeping the Easter Story Easy

Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

Easter is an exciting holiday for young children, with activities that include dyeing eggs, filling baskets, munching on chocolate bunnies, and new outfits. These activities are fun, high-energy, and childlike by nature. But for the believer, Easter is about more than bunnies and baskets. It’s the celebration of the resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ—the pinnacle of the faith. Naturally, many families preface Easter Sunday with the reading of the biblical Easter story, which frankly isn’t a lot of...

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A Free Easter Coloring Page!

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

We have another wonderful free coloring book page designed by the talented Diana Assad for you and your children to color together! And when you get done, post the masterpieces on the refrigerator and learn the verse together as a family.  We hope you enjoy it!–Michelle Cox...

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Watching the Story of Easter Bloom

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Smarts-n-Crafts | 0 comments

Welcome to Smarts-n-crafts, where you’ll find smart activities to do with your children—no matter what age—and fun craft projects for rainy days or just for giggles. You’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions, a variety of use ideas, approximate time of activity, and an age-tested skill level. Let’s get started! We’ve got just 18 summers to create lots of memories with our loved ones. This month we celebrate Easter, the most joyous celebration of all. On Good Friday, we remember...

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A Night Remembered for Centuries

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Mom Voice | 1 comment

“This night will be remembered for centuries!” my son beamed. It had been a delightful evening. How could ice cream sundae night spent with the family be anything but amazing? In addition to the sweet treats, we all relished the satisfaction of jobs well done. It had been family cleaning day in our house and there were lots of cleaning projects to be done. Deep cleaning. Spring cleaning. No one’s favorite way to spend the day—at least not in...

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