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Nurturing Faith Through Nature

Nurturing Faith Through Nature

Most people know that Genesis details the story of God’s creation, including the setting of the sun, moon, and stars, but I think we sometimes miss the Bible’s continuous emphasis on God’s creation. The Bible offers multiple verses about nature and how God purposefully interacts with creatures and cosmos to accomplish his plans. Sadly, if we skip over those verses, we miss an amazing opportunity to help our children understand the creative hand of God.

Psalm 95:4 reminds us that “…the mountain peaks belong to him,” while Jeremiah 5:22 explains that God calms and subdues the rocky seas that threaten to destroy our perfect peace. Although these verses inspire hope for adults, the metaphorical Biblical language might prove challenging to young children. While a child may understand the difference between a mountain and an ocean, he/she may not grasp the larger implication of God’s power when the Scripture says he calms the storms and levels the mountain peaks.

So, what’s a parent to do with this kind of language? Do we just gloss over those verses and move instead to people stories? I say, “No, don’t skip those important passages!” Instead, I suggest we embrace all of those Bible verses that detail God’s powerful hand in creation and use them to help our children understand more about God’s character.

Even if you don’t geographically live near the mountains or the sea, take a few moments and find a You Tube video or Internet pictures of the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, or a stormy sea and use those imagines to explain simple ideas about God’s power. A child can look at a stormy sea and know that it’s scary, meaning you have the opportunity to explain Jeremiah 5:22 in simple terms; a verse about God’s ability to stop those scary, rocky waves and dark seas.

Similarly, a child can look at a big, majestic mountain and realize that it would be almost impossible for that mountain to fall outside of God allowing it to fall. Likewise, we don’t and won’t fall easily when the mighty hands of God are holding us tight. Remind your child that God holds the mountain peaks in place, just like he holds their lives tall and strong.

Find those beautifully written Bible verses about lilies, skies, oceans, animals, trees, and stars and embrace them as a springboard for teaching your child about the person and power of our creative God.

By: Dr. Lori Brown

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  1. Amen! The heavens are delaring God’s glory (Psalm 19:1). We just need to take time to listen, and encourage our children to do the same. So many wonderful object lessons built into creation. You may be interested in visiting, a blog based on this idea.

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