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Kindness Object Lessons

  • Drop a leaf and a rock into water. The leaf floats and gently touches the water. The rock causes ripples and disturbs the water, and then sinks. That’s the difference between kind and angry words. One gives the person a gentle touch, like a soft kiss. The other disturbs the person, pushes into their day, and the words often sink in as hard reminders.

Too often people can be like angry birds trying to boss and change others without kindness.

  • Shine a flashlight onto a mirror and watch the light bounce back. Kind words reflect a heart full of light. Kind words often cause a person to pass on kind words to someone else. The kindness seems to bounce from one person to another.

Chat about being kind. How is talking back not being kind (or respectful)? How does forgiveness help us be kind? How does an encouraging word soften our hearts so we respond with kindness?

Start a list of simple ways to be kind, like letting someone else take the first turn in a game, writing a note to tell someone something you like about him or her, or helping someone when you notice they could use an extra hand.

Goal for the School Year

Be like Jesus and grow in the ways he did. Solve the math problems and look up the word for each answer. Put the word on the lines to find out what happened as Jesus grew. Pray to grow, do well in school, and you’ll get great results too.

______   _______   _______  ______  ______   _______   _______  ________     ________   _______

1×1     3×3       11-6     6+7     8/4      7×2        18-5    2+3+5   (2×5)+4    3+8

_______  ______ ______   _______   _______  ______     ______        _______   _______  ______

6/2       2+2    5×3   4×4       28/2    25-10   28/4        12-4-2    3×4   17-9


1= Jesus                      5=both            9=grew           13=in

2= Height                   6=who                        10=wisdom    14=and

3=Was                                    7=all                11= he                        15=by

4=Loved                     8=him             12=knew        16=God

Answer is from Luke 2:52 NLT

Jesus grew both in height and in wisdom, and he was loved by God and by all who knew him.

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  1. What fabulous ideas – thank you! I’m going to use these object lessons today during our homeschool Bible time.

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