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Hooray for God’s Brown Earth!

Hooray for God’s Brown Earth!

It’s spring and the time of year when seeds are planted, grass turns green, and plants sprout and bloom. God created the earth and made it a place where plants grow to supply food for us. So much grows up from the soil. Take a closer look at dirt and you’ll make lots of discoveries.

In Numbers 13:20, God told Moses to check the land and discover if the soil is good or poor. Why do farmers need good soil? How does fertilizer make soil richer?

  • See what’s in your soil. Dump dirt into a jar about 1/3 full. Add water to fill 2/3 of jar. Stir well. Let it sit one hour. Study the layers formed. Stones fall to the bottom. Sand also goes to the bottom. Silt is next with clay on top of the silt. Then you’ll see water. Organic material is floating on the top.
  • Earthworms may make you squirm, but they help mix the soil, compost, and convert nutrients into forms plants absorb easily. Dig up a foot of soil and count the worms. Ten or more means the soil is rich in organisms.

Read Job 14:19 about soil erosion.

  • Make a pile of dirt and then see how it runs off if you spray water on it with a hose.
  • Walk around your yard and consider places that might have loose soil that could run off with rain or be blown off with wind. Plant a barrier wall to protect the area.

Isaiah 5:1 rejoices about a vineyard in rich soil. What grows well in your area?

  • Visit a garden shop and find out what plants are native and grow well in your area. Choose to add a new plant to your home or yard and take care of it.

The secret’ in the soil! Read the parable of the soils in Matthew 13. Discuss the soil of your heart.

  • Crush chocolate cookies for dirt and add gummy worms to make a dirt snack. Talk about having sweetness and love in your heart.

By: Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former TV host, and author of twenty-three books. She spent part of the spring speaking in China. Her newest book is filled with more of her family fun activities and chat prompts: 52 Devotions for Busy Families.

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