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God’s Love

God’s Love

Jesus came to save us. Lent and Easter remind us that Jesus had a purpose when He came to earth. John 3:16 says that God loves the world so much that God the Father gave His only Son, Jesus, so that we could have life everlasting. That means God sent Jesus so we could live forever. God knows everything and he knew Jesus would die and also that he would rise and live again.

A little after that verse, the Bible says that God knows men often choose darkness instead of light. That means that people choose to do bad things instead of good things.

Sometimes kids make choices that break God’s rules. Sally chose to say unkind things and hurt a friend. Billy chose to ignore his mom and not clean his room. Those two kids chose darkness. Jesus is called the Light of the World and if we do what Jesus would choose to do then we will choose good and light.

Choose to follow Jesus and be happy that Jesus loves you.

God’s Love Booklet 

Make this booklet as a reminder that Jesus loves you. Make another for a friend.

Materials and Preparation: Fold 4 sheets of paper in half and staple to make a booklet.

Supplies: band aid, red paper, cotton balls, birthday candle, foil stars, canceled postage stamps, glue, scissors, and markers.

  1. On the cover write, “God Shows Love Through Jesus.”
  2. Write the words in quotes (below) in the book. Follow the art directions.

Page 1: “God sent Jesus from heaven above to teach me all about His great love.”

Art: Cut and glue 6 red hearts to form a cross shape.

Page 2: “No matter where we’re from, Jesus says, “Let the children come.”

Art: Glue on postage stamps. If possible, add some from other countries.

Page 3: “I don’t ever have to worry. Do you know why? Because Jesus is with me, anywhere under the sky.”

Art: Draw stars. Add the foil star stickers.

Page 4: “Jesus is my Good Shepherd. I’m His lamb, it says so in His word.”

Art: Glue on 2 cotton balls for a lamb’s body. Draw legs and head.

Page 5: “When I am sad, hurt, or sick, Jesus helps me get well quick.”

Art: Glue on band aid. Draw a happy face.

Page 6: “I’m not afraid day or night, because Jesus is my light.”

Art. Glue on candle.

Write your name on the back of the book.

By: Karen Whiting ( writes and speaks to help families be wholesome and strong. Her latest parenting book is Raising A Young Modern Day Princess.

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