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Expanding our Living Spaces Outdoors

Expanding our Living Spaces Outdoors

As the rapid descent of another school year barrels down and summer break hangs just over the horizon, the warmer temperatures and longer days turn our thoughts to spending time in the Great Outdoors. This is the prime time to spruce up our outdoor spaces before the weather gets too hot. Over the next few weeks, we will all likely be on the lookout for those things that can make our backyard patios and decks a little more comfortable. Being motivated by wanting to spend time outdoors enjoying our families, we can be excited about the trends that are happening for 2017.

Perhaps the biggest trend this year is the expansion of our living space outdoors. In other words, the outside patios, decks and backyards are being treated more as an extension of our indoor dens and kitchens versus just being an add on or many times an afterthought. Bringing elements of our indoor comfort and style outside extends the flow of our homes.

While fresh cushions for the outdoor furniture, and pillows can go a long way to creating a comfortable outdoor space, even little touches can make a homey atmosphere outdoors. Wind chimes, bird houses, and yard art add whimsical touches that make us smile.

Your outdoor walls shouldn’t be bare either! Just like you wouldn’t leave your walls bare inside, don’t forget a few accent pieces for your wall, just like this colorful butterfly or galvanized metal clock!

Creating an inviting outdoor space enables our family and our friends to enjoy the simpler pleasures of just hanging out together. Whether we are enjoying the extended daylight hours around a dinner table or roasting marshmallows over a table fire pit, we can create an inviting outdoor space that will keep our children and their friends coming back for more by using a variety of colors and some of the same trends that are popular indoors. The vibrant blues and greens popular for our indoor decor are now combined with new fade resistant and acrylic fabrics to make your outdoor spaces pop too!

Planters, baskets, and other accents can add just the right look and feel to your outdoor space bringing a little of the inside to the outside.



But remember more than anything we can do to make our spaces more comfortable and inviting, we should strive to make our homes happy places where anyone who visits or lives there knows they are welcomed and loved. Of course this is not something that is purchased in stores, but must be cultivated in our hearts and minds! Be intentional to enjoy this summer with your children, slow down the pace, and spend time hearing their hearts. You will absolutely not regret it.

By: Victoria Duerstock loves a good story. A happily married mom of three, she is eagerly pursuing a writing career. Being connected with the home furnishing industry in some aspect or another for more than 20 years, Victoria has lots of ideas for what’s trending in the marketplace, and she enjoys tagging along with her husband (who is in the furniture and design industry) to see the markets from the inside. You can learn more about her writing and other loves at

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