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Celebrating the Rock!

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, Smarts-n-Crafts | 0 comments

Welcome to Smarts-n-crafts, where you’ll find smart activities to do with your children—no matter what age—and fun craft projects for rainy days or just for giggles. You’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions, a variety of use ideas, approximate time of activity, and an age-tested skill level. Let’s get started! We’ve got just 18 summers to create lots of memories with our loved ones. Did you know that September 16th is Collect Rocks Day? (We’re posting this a couple of days early to give you time to gather supplies.) Whether you’re an avid rock collector or you simply like the feel of a smooth round rock in your hand, this is a fun day to celebrate a long-standing hobby in our country. And today, we’ll learn something special about a particular Rock found in the Bible. What you’ll need: A...

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Mommy It Hurts

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

As a parent, there are many different words our children say that affect us deeply. Just a few letters strategically strung together have the power to devastate or melt our hearts. Words like: “I love you.” “I hate you.” “Will you cuddle with me?” “Don’t touch me.” “Thank you for everything you do for me.” “You never help me.” “I’m going to marry Mommy when I grow up.” “I’m engaged!” There is another grouping that has recently caused my heart to buckle under its weight. “Mommy, it hurts.” For more than one hundred and fifteen consecutive days my son has complained of intense abdominal pain. Pain that has resulted in countless tests, repeated emergency room visits, and a colorful array of medications and doctors. All have been without relief. Over a hundred days now, at one point or another,...

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Teaching Kindness in an Unkind World

Posted by on Sep 11, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

I was recently in a waiting room with three of my four children and after requesting a “yes ma’am” from them, another parent in the room thanked me. He thanked me for requesting respect and kindness from my children. I was taken aback as it was a blatant reminder that these things are no longer commonplace and as parents we are tasked with the daily struggle of teaching kindness in an unkind world. This realization hit me full force when I first sent my innocent, precious babies off to school on the public school bus. At the end of the first week, my kindergartner was speaking to me with her middle finger in my face, asking “Mommy, what does this mean?” As parents, we are the first line of defense in promoting kindness, but how do we combat the...

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Praying for Failure

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017 in A LASTING FAITH, A Mother's Prayers, Blog | 0 comments

I don’t know about you, but for me, some of the best lessons I’ve ever learned came from trying something and failing. No, failure isn’t pleasant. But the skills I’ve acquired because of failing have made me who I am today. I’ve learned to be more patient, less fearful, and to approach a problem without preconceived ideas. Failure is a completely different issue though, when it comes to my kids. I want them to find success, be happy, and learn all those things without ever having to fail. Yeah…not gonna happen. God pointed that out to me one time through a particularly painful prayer time when one of our boys was struggling. I kept praying for quick success, but God pointed out that the struggle was equipping him for the man he would become. My interference by trying to...

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How Do I Go On?

Posted by on Sep 7, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

Her cute pixie haircut and shining dark eyes hid the pain well, so her question surprised me. “How do I grieve with my child? I don’t know if I should share what I feel or if I should protect her from it.” An unwanted divorce had changed the landscape of her life, requiring a new state, home, and job. However, due to their lengthy trial separation, the upheaval was almost routine for the three-year-old involved. But not to the young mom seated on my sofa. Romantic ideals trampled, she struggled to embrace single parenting. The transition hadn’t been easy for me either. In fact, at one point, I told my mom I could only handle thinking about it three months at a time. Widowed young, with two small boys, long lonely nights passed slowly. But the question wasn’t about...

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