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Baking with Kids

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Family Do-votions | 0 comments

Taking a warm tray of muffins out of the oven fills a room with a wonderful aroma. It’s fun and good training to bake with kids. They appreciate the food once they make it and it builds life skills. After baking, sit and share the fresh bread. Relax and enjoy the time together. Breaking bread together often opens up hearts and conversations. Try an evening with several types of bread and discuss all the many varieties. Add to the experience of baking by reading Scriptures about bread in the Bible: Feeding a crowd with bread (and fish) in John 6 Jesus announcement that He is The Bread of Life and the significance of that (John 6:35) A dream about bread (Judges 7:13) Working for bread/necessities (Genesis 3:19) Jesus and communion (Matthew 26) Prayer for daily bread (Matthew 6:9-13) The...

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Little Dreams and Big Steps of Faith

Posted by on Sep 21, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 1 comment

Dirt, tiny digging tools, and a magnifying glass littered the table where my fourth-grade daughter hunched over her latest project. Her focus was intense, and even calls for lunch weren’t enough to pry her from the task at hand. “Mom, I think I found something!” Sure enough, I could see a dinosaur fossil clenched in her tweezers. I’m not sure which was more impressive—the fossil, or my daughter’s jubilant smile. Her sisters joined me in examining the find and my heart thrilled to watch the enthusiasm of my little explorer. For several years, my middle daughter was into all things dinosaur. She lived and breathed paleontology. She exhausted available library books, begged to visit museums, and requested science kits for birthdays and Christmas. Around that time, our family devotion time centered on the importance of a daily walk with...

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Raising the White Flag

Posted by on Sep 19, 2017 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, From the Heart | 0 comments

Lean in close, I have a secret to tell. “I am a recovering control freak.” Seriously. Life is good when things go according to plan, when nothing too crazy happens, and when people behave themselves. But if things start to veer too far off course, I get anxious. God has grown me a lot in this area over the last few years, though. I’m learning to raise the white flag, to trust Him and listen to His voice when things seem out of control. I had an opportunity to practice this recently. My child was very loudly and quite passionately objecting to the word no. I knew I couldn’t give in to the tantrum. Such behavior was unacceptable. I needed to make the child stop. But all my efforts were in vain. Every discipline or redirection seemed to make...

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Don’t Be Afraid to Change

Posted by on Sep 18, 2017 in Blog, Bonus Days | 1 comment

Do you have a room in your home that feels “off?” I’ve experienced the same frustration from time to time, and hope to help you resolve this decorating dilemma by offering a few simple tips. Stand in the doorway leading to the room you feel needs a face-lift and consider the layout. Take careful note of where the windows are located and how the light enters the room. This will help you decide where the television should be positioned so not to have a glare on the screen and it will also be the deciding factor in choosing your paint color. When I’m decorating, I prefer that the television be placed in the least visible point of the room. This keeps all the messy stuff at bay and offers opportunity for more attractive pieces to take front and center...

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Daddy, Read Me a Story

Posted by on Sep 15, 2017 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Dad Voice | 1 comment

My mother tells me that when I was a child I could not get enough of the Dr. Seuss classic, The Cat in the Hat. I asked her to read it to me repeatedly. Eventually, as the years passed, she sat while I read it to her. Over and over we shared that book. Yet as a father, it was high on my list of least favorite books, and I would try and suggest other books to my sons to distract them from that classic. It rarely worked, but like father, like son, they continuously craved it. Even as the monotony of the rhymes grated at me, I treasured the time I had as my sons cuddled up on my lap for story time. The connection was wonderful. A few weeks ago, I shared this with some friends. Many...

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